• Huawei H868C

TracFone Huawei H868C (Glory)


Android 4.0 (ICS) & 4G LTE, Packed With Features, All For Under $100

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This handset is a great entry point to Android 4.0 (ICS), with 4G LTE speeds on Verizon and all the features of phones costing twice as much. Choose from a variety of TracFone plans to suit any need. Talk, text and browse on one of the best networks. Save money and get a great phone.

Warranty Terms – Parts 1 year
Warranty Terms – Labor 1 year
Height 4-5/8″
Width 2-1/2″
Depth 1/2″
Weight 4.6 ounce
Phone Style Bar phone
Band and Mode 3G|4G LTE|CDMA|EVDO Number/type of bands and modes the phone can use, which affects coverage and capabilities.
Technology Details CDMA Wireless network technology the phone uses. Common technologies include GSM, CDMA and TDMA (including iDEN).
Bluetooth-Enabled Yes
Talk Time Up to 5 hours Amount of time you can spend talking on the phone before the battery is depleted.
Standby Time Up to 14 days Amount of time the phone can be left on (waiting for a call) before the battery is depleted.
Battery Type 1750 mAh lithium-ion
Vibrate Mode Yes Silently alerts you to incoming calls when ringing is not desirable.
Customizable Ring Tones Yes Feature that allows you to download additional ringtones and/or create your own.
Voice Activated Yes Lets you dial a preset phone number by saying a word (e.g., “home”).
Downloadable Games Yes Indicates that a phone is capable of downloading games from the Internet.
Speed Dialing Yes
Color Display Yes Color LCD screen for displaying call information, navigating menu options and viewing photos and video (as capable).
Internet/Email Capable Yes These devices offer wireless Internet, which can be used to access email at specific sites. Some devices also offer a full e-mail client that can connect directly to a standard POP or IMAP e-mail server over a wireless Internet connection.
Built-in Digital Camera Yes Lets you take digital photos and send them to other phones or e-mail accounts.
MMS Yes Multimedia Messaging Service enables cell phone users to send text messages, graphics, photos and audio and video clips to other MMS users or to e-mail accounts.
Text Messaging/Instant Messaging Yes Text messaging is the ability to exchange short text messages with other cell phone users. Instant messaging enables text conversations with computer users through programs such as AIM or Yahoo! Messenger.
Touch Screen Yes
Mobile Operating System Android
QWERTY Keyboard No
Camera Resolution 3.2MP
MP3 Playback Capability Yes
Vibration Alert Yes Silently alerts you to incoming calls when ringing is not desirable.
Speakerphone Yes Lets you talk and listen to calls without holding the phone. Ideal for making conference calls with others in the room.
Graphics Yes Type of graphics (video) adapter (usually built into the motherboard), identified by manufacturer and model.
Downloadable Ringtones Yes Indicates that a phone is capable of downloading additional ringtones from the Internet.
External Caller ID Yes Small screen, visible when the phone is closed, that displays the name and number of the person calling.
Phonebook Limited only by available memory Stores a list of names and phone numbers for fast recall and automatic dialing.
Service Provider Telcel America (Also referred to as the carrier.) Company that provides the cell phone service. Unlocked cell phones can be used with any provider that offers compatible service.
Device Manufacturer Telcel America
Data Plan Required Yes
Product Line Glory
Handset Type Smartphone

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions .75 x 3 x 4 in




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